Gale Gallagher
Created by Gale Gallagher (pseudonym of Will Oursler(1913-1985) and Margaret Scott)

Fast-talking skip tracer/private eye GALE GALLAGHER heads the Acme Investigating Bureau of New York City in two well-written books in the late forties.

Gallagher is arguably the missing link between the good girl sleuths of the past and the tougher modern female P.I.s of the present. In the "tag end" of her twenties, she's smart, well-dressed, and seems pretty self-assured and independent for that era. She goes to bars and jazz clubs alone, and enjoys the company of several men. She has a license to carry, though she rarely does, but she speaks with a dry wit and a "low-key toughness" that is all-together believable.

Gale Gallagher was the pseudonym of married couple Margaret Scott and Will Oursler. Besides co-creating Gallagher, Oursler is probably best-known in hard-boiled circles for editing the 1951 collection of hard-boiled pulp tales As Tough As They Come.


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