Thomas Fox
Created by Aubrey K. Rattan

Who's the black action star that makes like a private film industry for all his fans?
Damn right.

Fred Williamson directed and starred in Foxtrap, a 1985 made-in-Italy action B-flick, as THOMAS FOX, a tough, unstoppable courier and sometime private eye hired by a rich man to track down his niece. The case takes the determined dick through the south of France (the Cannes film festival!) and Rome, but back in Los Angeles he finds that he was set up.

This was Williamson's attempt to create a new action series hero, after four films as P.I. JESSE CROWDER. Foxtrap isn't a bad flick, and the music was pretty good. There seemed to be an attempt at toning down the action a bit, and focussing on plot, and adding a bit more humour. There's a good scene near the beginning where some kids try to rip off his car radio and split when they see his vanity licence plate, which reads "DA FOX!" It would have been fun to see Fred tackle the character again, but the sequel, Fox and the Cobra, promised as the credits rolled on the original theatrical release, was never made.



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