Wolf J. Flywheel
Created by Hal Fineberg, Ray Golden, Sid Kuller, Nat Perrin

Not your average gumshoe. Groucho Marx stars as WOLF J. FLYWHEEL, possibly the most useless private eye in the world.

He's hired by Martha Phelps (Margaret Dumont), the matronly co-owner of Phelps Department Store, when an attempt is made on the life of her partner. But of course Wolf is simply running a scam -- he knows about as much about being a detective as a stack of pancakes. But the con must go on, so he hooks up with a pair of fellow flim flam men who look strangely familiar (Chico and Harpo as Ravelli and Wacky).

Not the best Marx Brothers flick, but the perfect tonic for all those hardboiled, noirer than thou takes on the private eye.

Groucho later played Sam Grunion, another private eye in 1949's Love Happy.


    (1941, MGM)
    Written by Hal Fineberg, Ray Golden, Sid Kuller, Nat Perrin
    Directed by Charles Reisner
    Produced by Louis k. Sidney
    Starring Groucho Marx as WOLF J. FLYWHEEL
    with Chico Marx as Ravelli
    and Harpo Marx as Wacky
    Also starring Margaret Dumont

Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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