Robert Flécheux
Created by Alain Demouzon (1945--)

In 1975, with Mouche Alain Demouzon started a series of novels which were more than a tribute to Raymond Chandler. A medium town, wet and cold; ROBERT FLÉCHEUX, a private investigator, is fifty years old and disenchanted; an old lady who is in search of her granddaughter: this is the beginning of the story which seems to be trite , but Demouzon is a wizard of writing . He knows how to create an atmosphere ( à la Simenon) and his plot is strange and spellbinding...

Alain Demouzonthen went on to write twelve more detective novels from 1976 to 1984. None of them featured Robert Flécheux, but he did write two featuring Parisian gumshoe, Nicholas Placard. After that he vanished from the field of the detective story, until 1984-85 when three collections of short stories (whodunnits) , originally written for various newspapers, were published. And then he made a comeback in 1994 with a book published by La Serie Noire.

The author's probably best known for his series of books about Commissaire Melchior. He has received the Prix mystière de la critique award twice, and his work has been published in Argentina, Brazil, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Sweden, the United States and Turkey.



Respectfully submitted by Marcel Bernadac for this one!

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