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FLAMOND, the psychological detective, whose first name seems to have escaped radio historians, is described as the most unusual hero in criminal history, one who looks beyond the commonplace to discover the reason "why?" There were three different versions of this broadcast series, all called The Crime Files of Flamond, but all were of relatively short duration.

With Arthur Wyatt in the title role, the first series was syndicated from 1946 to 1948. In the latter months, Myron "Mike" Wallace took over the role. (Yes, the same Mike Wallace who would later be on TV's "60 Minutes.")

Then, five years later, Mutual brought the series to network radio for the first six months of 1953. This 30 minute show usually aired on Wednesday nights at 8 pm, first sponsored by General Mills and later by Lever Brothers. In both of these versions, Flamond's secretary, Sandra Lake, was
his primary assistant. Patricia Dunlap played the role.

The third, and last, version began in April 1956, again on Mutual, and it ran until February 1957 as a sustaining program. This time Everett Clarke was the voice of Flamond while Muriel Bremmer played his secretary. A total of eight episodes have survived and are in trading currency today; all are apparently from the 1953 Mutual version.


Contributed by Jack French.

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