Syd Fish
Created by Susan Geason (1946 --)

It was a perfect Sydney summer's day: the smog levels were miraculously below hazardous; there was no bushfire smoke, and the graceful plane trees were in full leaf. Only the sight of all those perfect, tanned blond backpackers doing nothing soured the experience.
-- from Hook, Line and Sinker

Wise-ass SYD FISH has failed as a journalist and got sacked after a stint as a political minder, so he's set up shop in the Kings Cross/Darlinghurst area in Sydney, Australia as a private investigator. Fortunately he has his best mate, journalist Lizzie Darcy, around to help out.

Syd and Lizzie first appeared in several short stories in Australian Penthouse (the same place many of Peter Corris' Cliff Hardy stories were first published), before moving on to novels, Dogfish (1991) and Shark Bait (1993). Lizzie even got tostrut her own stuff in the 1996 short story, "Green Murder," which appeared in Sara Paretsky's Women on the Case.

It's an amusing and hip take on the genre, and you didn't hear too many complaints when, after inexplicably failing to find a publisher, Geson decided to give away the third Fish novel, Hook, Line and Sinker, in 2007.

Geason was born in Tasmania; has a BA in History and Politics from the University of Queensland and an M.A. in political theory from the University of Toronto and works as a free-lance researcher, writer and speechwriter in Sydney. From 1992 to 1997, she was the was literary editor of the weekly Sydney Sun-Herald. She also created another detective, homicide cop and psychologist Rachel Addison, who appears in the novel Wildfire.






Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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