Hippolyte Fynn
Created by François Rivière and José-Louis Bocquet

Easy-going Hollywood eye HIPPOLYTE FYNN is the title character of Le Privé d'Hollywood, a series of "bandes desinées, originally published in Spirou. Unlike many European versions of American private eyes, though, Finn is neither seedy, nor obsessed.

In fact, he seems more like a younger Peter Gunn or maybe Stuart Kaminsky's Toby Peters if he had his act together, rather than Sam Spade or Philip Marlowe.

With his blonde, freckle-faced, boyish good looks, a snazzy wardrobe, and his girl Friday, the ever-dependable, lovely and intelligent Connie by his side, Fynn's ready to tackle any cases that comes his way, and those cases often bring him into contact with the rich and powerful of the film industry, drawing "a clear line on the faded glory and murderous ambitions of Hollywood in the thirties, in the tradition of The Big Sleep and Sunset Boulevard," as Cefn Ridout in Aces put it.

The series was well liked, and could have had a long run, but evidently its creators were reluctant to commit themselves to a lengthy series. As it was, there were only three 44-page albums but if you can read French, they're well worth tracking down. And if your French isn't quite up to snuff, the first album, Le privé de Hollywood (English translation: "Hollywood Private Eye") was serialized.in five parts in Aces, a comic magazine.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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