A vignette from

Pinkerton's Secret

by Eric Lerner

"Mr, Pinkerton," she declared, "I assure you I would not hesitate for an instant to use my weapon on any person attempting to harm the President."

It now seems impossible to avoid the conclusion that Mrs. Warne took full advantage of the fact that I had recently fallen in love with her in order to seduce me into going along with a plan that cast her in a leading role in this drama.

While I had said nothing of these newly realized feelings toward her, obviously she knew.

Women can intuit this sort of thing, even in a man like myself, so practiced in the art of dissimulation.

Still, I might have withstood her wiles had she not at that moment begun preparing for her departure by going to the bureau and removing her undergarments, which she held in her hands as she walked past me to place them in her traveling case.

They were not merely of fine quality, they were frankly intoxicating.

She then retrieved her pearl handled pistol. I watched, hypnotized, as she checked the action and inserted five bullets into the chamber.

Dainties and a gun. Oh, she was irresistible.

Copyright (c) 2008 by Eric Lerner.

After graduating from Harvard College with a degree in Sanskrit and Indian Philosophy, Eric Lerner travelled and lived in Buddhist monasteries and communities in Asia and America, and later wrote a memoir about his experiences, Journey of Insight Meditation. For several years he edited Zero, a Buddhist journal that presented original work by Allen Ginsberg, John Cage, and John Ashbery, among others. This arcane background served him well during his subsequent twenty year career as a screenwriter and producer in Hollywood. His films include Bird on a Wire, Kiss The Sky, and Augustus. Pinkerton's Secret is his first novel.

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