Get Miles Away
A Jackson Donne Mystery
by David White

Copyright (c) 2003 by David White

Here's something new -- an audio version of one of our stories. Let us know what you think.

"Get Miles Away" originally appeared in these pages back in our Summer 2003 issue, and proved to be one of our more popular stories.

We're pleased to present this mp3 version, recorded by Ryan Krewer, and thank David and Ryan for their hard work. Says Dave, "I just hope they have the patience to download it and give it a listen."

Just clicking on the "play" button should work fine, if you've got a decent, recent browser. If it doesn't, or you don't even see a "play"button, don't sweat it. You probably just need a plug-in. Apple's QuickTime, a FREE premier multimedia player, should do it.

You could also download the link and listen to it from your hard drive, burn it on a CD or even put it on your iPod.

Thrilling Detective Fiction to go. What could be cooler?

David White is the Derringer Award-winning author of the Jackson Donne series. His stories and reviews have appeared in both Thrilling Detective and Hand Held Crime. He resides in New Jersey. He'd love to hear from you at or via his website.

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