Jack Fenner
Created by George Harmon Coxe (1901-1984)

JACK FENNER is a rough-and-tough Boston private eye who originally popped up in several novels featuring the more genteel and refined Kent Murdock, Coxe's crime-solving crime photographer for The Boston Courier-Herald, way back in the thirties. Murdock returns the favor, showing up in several of Fenner's novels. In fact, sometimes the line gets pretty blurred as to which is a Fenner novel and which is a Murdock novel.

The prolific writer Coxe, who started out in the pulps, has created several other private eyes, such as Sam Crombie, Max Hale, and Leon Morley, as well as his best known creations, photographer/PIs, Flashgun Casey and the previously mentioned Kent Murdock.


Minor correction for the Jack Fenner book list.  Fenner was in the Kent Murdock novel 'The Glass Triangle', which I just finished reading.  But when I paged through my copy of 'The Big Gamble', I couldn't find Fenner mentioned there.  There's a Swedish? website listing George Harmon Coxe novels with notes on wherein his series characters appeared which I used to double check this.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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