Bob Signorelli
Created by Thom Eberhardt

In this noirish, albeit too brightly-lit, made-for-pay TV flick, disgraced cop turned down-but-not-out NY private eye BOB SIGNORELLI (Joe Mantegna) has a one night stand with a blonde bombshell and, with the aid of his partner, Herb Ames, ends up trying to help her escape from the slimy clutches of a particularly sinister character (Adam Ant...yes, THAT Adam Ant). Meanwhile, Bob's longtime nemesis NYPD Lt. Coop Cooper (Peter Riegert) is looking into the murder of a prominent Mafia attorney. Could the two cases be connected?

Todd Everett of The Los Angeles Times called it "a passable film noir," and noted that"While writer-director Thom Eberhardt (Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, Night of the Comet) doesn't really add anything to the genre, he honors its conventions with sufficient flair to make this a better-than-average TV movie." Definitely late night viewing, a little heavy in the sex and nudity.


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