"The Detective"
Created by Marc Rosenbusht

"Sometimes the mystery is bigger than you think."

I'm not sure if the reaction to any other recent P.I. film has ever been so divided.

Granted, it is a weird little flick, a wacky sort of a neo-noir/comedy mystery in which a nameless hard-boiled jaded private eye, a recent widower, refered to only as "THE DETECTIVE," is hired to investigate a murder in a Buddhist temple. The gumshoe's right out of central casting, and comes complete with fedora, trenchcoat and a tendency to cheesy first-person narration, but he soon finds his left-brained logical and deductive skills bumping up against the completely right-brained intuitive and non-linear world of Zen.

Oh, and the director seems to have a thing for burning oranges.

Some people loved it, a quirky little 2004 flick, praising it to high heaven. It's won critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Ashland Independent Film Festival, the Gerald Hirschfeld A.S.C. Cinematography Award, the Chicago Indiefest Festival Prize for Best Actress, the Moondance International Film Festival Sandcastle Award for Feature Films, the Rhode Island International Film Festival Audience Award for Best Feature and the Grand Jury Award for Best Feature at the Washington DC Independent Film Festival:

Yet it's also managed to thoroughly piss off audiences wherever it's been shown, with tales of people streaming out of theaters not uncommon Just a quick glimpse at ther IMDB page shows how varied the reaction has been:

My take?

The sound of one hand clapping...



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith and film editor Chris Baldemor.

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