Joe Zanca
Created by James N. Frey

Presenting the palooka as P.I.

JOE ZANCA is a former heavyweight contender, formerly known as "Zank the Tank." He works for 'The Agency" in San Francisco and lives in a little one-bedroom walkup near Broadway and Polk. His pipedream is to run a training camp somewhere in the High Sierra. His Sicilian heritage and penchant for motorcycles provide the requisite aura, and his favorite reading material (The World Book Encyclopedia) provides the mentality. Zanca's creator, James N.Frey himself, once described Joe as "rather crude, not too bright, an ex-boxer who (speaks) in grunts."

Gee, I wonder if Stallone would like to do a P.I. flick?

His debut in The Long Way to Die was good enough to be nominated for an Edgar Award. Frey is now a creative writing teacher who has taught all over the US and in Europe, and is the author of several How-to books on writing including the wonderfully named How to Write a Damn Good Novel. Which in turn spawned How to Write a Damn Good Novel II, the inevitable How to Write a Damn Good Mystery and a whole bunch of damn good sequels. He also created another P.I. Odyssey Gallagher, who has a car she calls the Banana Slug and a Ph.D. in English Lit.



Report respectfully submitted by Dale Stoyer.

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