Zac Cobb
Created by Jim Walker

A series of westerns featuring a frontier era P.I. named ZAC COBB, a former Confederate soldier who moves to California and becomes an undercover investigator for Wells Fargo.

Author Walker is a name to reckon with in the niche of Christian publishing, and the author of a popular series of historical mysteries for the Christian Evangelical market (i.e. Murder on the Titanic, etc.) He supposedly brings those same themes to this series.

From what I can gather, Zac may not be a man who makes trouble his business, but it certainly seems to find him. He's even got a brother, from whom he's estranged, a notorious outlaw renowned for his cruelty and callousness, for that good ol' Cain and Able thang.

But regardless of his any religious ovewrtomes, the series seems pretty rootin' tootin' to me. Zac's cases take him all over, including the Rockies, Texas, San Francisco, Oklahoma, Kansas, Dodge City, Arizona, New Mexico, old Mexico (to bust his brother out of jail) and, in one memorable case, Alaska.

Zac does all the typical P.I. things, tailing suspects, questiioning suspects, looking for missing persons, etc., plus a few with a unique western spin.Things like saving pretty kidnap victims, chasings bandits, and dealing with such Western faves as cattle rustlers, river pirates, stagecoach and train robbers and hostile natives.


  • The Wells Fargo Trail #1: The Dreamgivers (1994). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #2: The Nightriders (1994). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #3: The Rail Kings (1995). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #4: The Rawhiders (1995). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #5: The Desert Hawks (1996). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #6: The Oyster Pirates (1996). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #7: The Warriors (1997). .Buy this book
  • The Wells Fargo Trail #8: The Ice Princess (1998). .Buy this book


Report submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Jim Doherty for the tip.

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