Press Wyman
Created by Judy Merl and Paul Eric Myers

In Detective in the House, a short-lived American TV series, an uneven mix of comedy and mystery, Judd Hirsch (of Taxi) starred as PRESS WYMAN, an engineer going through a mid-life crisis, who decides to quit his job and become a private eye, much to the dismay of his loving, and extremely supportive wife, Diane. She even goes back to work to pay the bills and put food on the table for their three kids, Todd, Deborah and Link, while hubby follows his dream, and does the housework.

Turns out he's better at vacumning and doing the dishes than at detective work. In fact, Press is more-or-less pathetic in his new profession, so he seeks out a mentor. It turns out to be Nick Turner, a retired eye who was a legend in his time, but now is a bit of a wingnut, living on a ramshackle estate furnished completely with lawn furniture (don't ask!). He eventually takes Press under his wing.

Unfortunately, the intended hilarity never really attracted much of an audience, and the show only lasted seven episodes, evidently as puzzled as Todd, Deborah and Link.



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