Wylie Nolan
Created by Shelly Reuben

Play with matches and you may get burned.

By WYLIE NOLAN. That's his job -- he's a New York City private investigator specializing in arson, and he's damned good at it. He's appeared in a couple of well-received novels by Shelley Reuben.

The first, Origin and Cause, has product-liability shyster Max Bramble called in to defend the very snooty Courtland Motors' antique-auto restoring division against a claim by the estate of slimy cable TV big shot Stanfield Standish that Courtland is liable for his getting incinerated in his 1930 Duesenberg.

The second in the series, 1996's Spent Matches, has Wylie called in to investigate an apparent case of spontaneous combustion in the locked maximum security room of a museum, which destroyed several valuable paintings. A sub-plot deals with a series of mysterious fires in Wylie's own office building.

Both books have received acclaim for their fascinating look at arson investigation, as well as their engaging, often quirky characters.

Mind you, author Shelley Reuben actually ran her own arson investigation business, so she knows what she's talking about. As for the quirkiness, well, who knows? Ms. Reuben's first novel was the Edgar-nominated Julian Solo, and she's currently writing a new series, featuring another arson investigator, the intriguingly named Fritillary Quilter.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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