Tony Wolf
Created by David Perckinpah and Rod Holcomb

In Wolf, a short-lived CBS TV series, TONY WOLF was a San Francisco fisherman and sometime private eye. Originally a narcotics officer for the SFPD, Tony was framed and took the fall as a crooked cop. Drummed off the force, he wandered the world for a couple of years, before finally returning home to The City to make amends with his aging father and to take over the family fishing boat. He's also tried to re-kindle a relationship with Connie, an old flame.

Oh, and to occasionally do a little P.I. work for Dylan Elliot, the DA who originally prosecuted him two years earlier. Seems Dylan, now a high-powered attorney with a private practise, was starting to think maybe Tony was framed after all.

As far as I know, we never found out if Tony ever cleared his name or not. It turns out that smell emanating from the show wasn't fish after all -- it didn't even make it through its complete run in prime time. As Craig Nelson pointed out in Bad TV, "only insomniacs caught the rest of the series."

He attributes this to "The Curse of Jack Scalia." He goes on to state: "Evidently, Scalia did make it through a full season with Rock Hudson in The Devlin Connection (1982) as a private investigator/racketball pro, but only got through three episodes before being axed as an ultramodern security agent in High Performance (1983), and four airings as an undercover cop and master of disguises in Hollywood Beat (1985)."


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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