Scott Weston
Created by Ivan Goff and Ben Roberts

SCOTT WESTON, played by former Hair-man Treat Williams, is a tough ex-cop (is there any other kind) turned private investigator with a taste for the ladies. In the 1989 HBO teleflick, 3rd Degree Burn, he's hired by a rich businessman to tail his hot-stuff wife (played by Virginia Madsen) whom he suspects of fooling around. Of course, the dick ends up being lead around by his dick, having an affair with the wife. But when the husband is found murdered, guess who becomes the prime suspect?

Obviously low-budget and rather predictable, the film owes more than a little to the far superior Body Heat, but it does have its moments, thanks to occasional flashes of style, a few taut performances (particularly by Madsen) and an effective score by Charles Gross.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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