Sam Weathers
Created by Stephan Blom-Cooper & V. Phipps-Wilson

Stormy Weathers was actress Cybill Shepherd's post-Moonlighting stab at the P.I. genre. She didn't even draw blood.

"Gorgeous and street-savvy" LA private eye SAMANTHA "SAM" WEATHERS was "a black belt in karate and a wisecracking view of life." But it wasn't enough to build a series on, in this failed TV pilot for a series of TV movies that attempted to jump start Shepherd's career after the crash and burn of The Cybill-and-Bruno Show.

The flick was pretty heavily-hyped, but it was pretty standard TV fare. Sam's father was a cop who had left the LAPD under a cloud to start his own agency. When he passed away, Sam, a recent divorcée, took over the agency, relying on Squirrel, a young computer nerd, to help her out. But the writers couldn't seem to agree on the approach to take, so the show ended up being an uneven mixture of several different ones. Worse, they seemed to have blown all their wit and cleverness on the title.

Sorry, Cybill, you were better on Moonlighting.


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