Vince Washburn
Created by Jerry Stearns

From out of Minneapolis comes a strange new breed of detective...

VINCE WASHBURN isn't just another quirky, vaguely New Age private investigator trolling the mean streets of what passes for radio drama these days. Nope, he's the real deal. He's a "Personal Investigator," in a clever and even pleasantly goofy spoof of PIs and various New Age shenanigans. He has a psychic as a sometime colleague, and deals in cases involving past lives, aromatherapy, meditation, astral plane projection, and all the rest of it. There are puns, groaners, winks and nudges here, and more injokes than you can wave an aura at (all the characters are named after streets in Minneapolis and suburbs, in fact).

Jerry Stearns is a Minneapolis audio producer and writer. He's only done a couple of episodes of Vince Washburn-New Age Detective so far, but they're really worth tracking down, if you're into that sort of deadpan humour that the Firesign Theater's Nick Danger was so well known for. They've been aired on a few stations around the country, and both scripts won writing contests at the Midwest Radio Theatre Workshop. You can order both episodes on cassette, at Great Northern Audio Theatre, and Jerry assures us that he's busy digitizing them.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. A cosmic thanks to Jerry for the tip.

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