Vincent Gallagher

Created by Stephen Butchard

"I just can't walk away."

"The daddy of all private investigators."

That's the tagline for Vincent, an offbeat British P.I. show that was touted -- at least in the States -- as a sort of U.K.answer to "quirky crime favorites" like Monk and Psych...

Don't believe them for a second.

Vincent was oceans away from the cute and cuddly feel-good detective shows from the USA Network that were so popular for a while. No, Vincent was a dark, noir-tinged slice of drama that used murder, not as a convenient plot point to set up some light-hearted schtick, but as a reminder of the true hurt we inflict -- intentionally or otherwise -- on the people we love.

Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast, The Departed) played VINCENT GALLAGHER, a heavy-set, middle-aged ex-cop now running a Manchester detective agency like his life depends on it. And maybe it does.

He's a broken, lonely man, going through a bitter divorce, still carrying a torch for his ex-wife and throwing himself recklessly into his work, mostly "insurance fraud and matrimonials" -- a stubborn, brooding workaholic ("I can't just walk away") who may or may not have a screw or two loose. It certainly doesn't help that his clients too often have problems uncannily similar to his own. As a result, he's having problems maintaining any sort of professional distance -- something that hasn't escaped the attention of the other members of the small agency, particulalry his long-suffering partner Beth.

Also along for the ride are keener junior op Robert; office secretary Gillian and John, a senior investigator -- a compelling and richly developed cast of characters who are there to do more than play straight men to the lead.

Vincent is an undeniably dark ride, and yet ultimately compelling; a private eye drama for adults -- and so far, one of the best of the new millenium.


  • "This is Vincent. Please leave a message. If you want Cathy, she doesn't live here anymore."

-- message on Vincent's answering machine

  • Beth: What happened to your face?
    Vincent: I bumped it.
    Beth: On what?
    Vincent: Another face.

  • "I'm more the diagnosis than the cure."

-- Vincent defends his job


    (2005-06, ITV Global)
    8 60-minute episodes
    Created by Stephen Butchard
    Writers: Stephen Butchard
    Directors: Peter Lydon, Jeremy Lovering, Terry McDonough, Roger Gartland
    Producer: Rebecca Hodgson
    Line producer: David Meddick
    Series producer: John Rushton
    Executive producers: Andy Harries, Sita Williams
    Original music by Robert Lane
    Starring Ray Winstone as VINCENT GALLAGHER
    Also starring Suranne Jones as Beth
    Joe Absolom as Robert
    Angel Coulby as Gillian 
    and Ian Puleston-Davies as John
    Guest stars: Julian Kay, Roy Marsden, Steven Hillman, Stephen Tomlin, James Thornton, Amanda Redman, Anthony Flanagan, Steve Evets

  • Season One.. Buy on DVD.. Watch it now
  • Episode One  (October 10, 2005).. Watch it now
  • Episode Two (October 17, 2005).. Watch it now
  • Episode Three (October 24, 2005).. Watch it now
  • Episode Four (October 31, 2005).. Watch it now

  • Season Two.. Watch it now
  • Episode One  (October 16, 2006).. Watch it now
  • Episode Two (October 23, 2006).. Watch it now
  • Episode Three (October 30, 2006).. Watch it now
  • Episode Four (November 6, 2006).. Watch it now

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Robert J. Randisi for the lead.

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