Cameron Tull
Created by Mike Walker

This has got to be one of the more audacious non-P.I.'s I've tried to slip onto this site in a while. But as a "newspaper" reporter who makes trouble his business, and does his own investigations, the National Revealer's CAMERON TULL, "America's best-known gossip columnist", certainly rings the bell.

In his one appearance to date, 1999's Malicious Intent: A Hollywood Fable, Cameron's hot on the trail of Charmain Burns, one of Hollywood's hottest young starlets, and certainly one of the most deadly. She seems to leave behind a fair amount of kinky sex and violence, including castrations, murders, rapes, wherever she goes. When a young reporter who wrote an unflattering story about her falls to his death at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Tull, his editor, discovers that the clues seem to point to Charmain, and begins surveillance. He soon discovers he's not the only one dodging the ambitious young actress's footsteps, as she competes for a plum role in an upcoming smasheroo.

Author Walker, a real-life columnist with the National Enquirer and a regular on The Howard Stern Show, dishes up the dirt in the smirky, gossipy style to which we've become accustomed, in this over-the-top, hilarious novel of naked ambition, nakeder stars, gigantic egos, kinky sex, monumental greed, psychotic celebrities, fashion designers, drug smugglers, power brokers, CIA agents, and obsessed space aliens. Throw in some good old-fashioned murder and, as any obese, cigar-chomping toad of a producer worth his private parking spot might say, "That's show biz, baby!"


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