Carole Trevor
Created by Hugh Pentecost (1903-1989)

Headstrong socialite CAROLE TREVOR, who runs the Old Towne Detective Agency, and her goofy playboy ex-husband Maxwell Blythe appeared in two novels written by Hugh Pentecost in the late thirties. The books seem to have a little bit of something for everyone: some two-fisted pulp action, a little screwball comedy, and some rather unexpectedly liberal social commentary, both in his decidedly pro-feminist stance and in the author's clear condemnation of the rapidly growing Nazi menace in Europ, denouncing their persecution of the Jews -- an unfortunate rarity in most fiction of the era.

Trevor also supposedly appeared in several short stories, possibly under Pentecost's pen name of Judson P. Phillips, in Detective Fiction Weekly. Under his real name Pentecost wrote about artist/sleuth John Jericho.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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