D. L. Trees

Created by David J. Sherman

After years of faithful service to Warner Bros., supporting-player Jerome Cowan was finally rewarded with two starring vehicles, the first of which was 1943's Find the Blackmailer. Cowan played private eyes D.L. TREES, hired by mayoral hopeful John M. Rhodes (Gene Lockhart) as a sort of troubleshooter/P.R. man, to prevent any sort of adverse publicity.

Maybe it should have been titled Find the Blackbird, because it turns out that there's this talking crow that's been flitting around town, insisting that Rhodes will commit a murder. (Did I mention the two films were strictly B? Evidently, Cowan may have been rewarded, but it wasn't that great a reward.)

But I digress...

When the murder inevitably occurs, Rhodes is of course suspected, and Trees is off on a hectic pursuit of the pesky pigeon, and maybe, just maybe, the actual murderer.

The second film that Cowan starred in was Crime By Night, based on the Humphrey Campbell novel Forty Whacks by Geoffrey Homes.


    (1943, Warner Bros.)
    55 minutes, black & white
    Based on the short story "Blackmail with Feathers" by G.T. Flemings-Robert
    Screenplay by Robert E. Kent
    Directed by David Ross Lederman
    Starring Jerome Cowan as D.L. TREES
    Also starring Faye Emerson, Gene Lockhart, John Harmon, Bradley Page, Lou Lubin

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