Timothy O'Hara
Created by
Kelley Roos (pseudonym of William and Audrey Roos)

Roos, best known for her happily married husband-and-wife amateur sleuths Haila and Jeff Troy experimented with another married detective team, Connie and Steve Barton, who appeared in only one novel, 1956's The Blonde Died Dancing.

I haven't been able to track it down, so I'm not sure if they're P.I.s or not, but Roos did write an actual P.I. novel later in her career, Murder on Martha's Vineyard, featuring private eye TIMOTHY O'HARA.

O'Hara isn't your ordinary gumshoe -- he's the Continental Op gone to seed. His agency, who seem to just want to get rid of him, dispatches him to Martha's Vineyard on what they clearly think is a hopeless case: clearing the name of Nancy, a young bride whom the local residents, despite her acquittal, still suspect of murdering her first husband.

It's a real corker of a read -- with multipe viewpoints and the added suspense (or frustration -- take your pick) of watching people who should be cooperating unknowlingly working at cross-purposes and even directly against each other, even as a ruthless killer draws closer and closer and people begin to disappear. An added bonus is the setting -- the off-season of a tourist town closed for the season, with the icy wind blowing in off the Atlantic.

Kelley Roos was actually the joint pseudonym of husband-and-wife writing team, William and Audrey Roos, who combined his last name with her maiden name to come up with their pen name.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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