Jack Till
Created by Thomas Perry

Ever hide something, and then you can't find it?

Much like his series hero Jane Whitefield, Thomas Perry's JACK TILL has a knack for helping people disappear.

Jack is a retired LAPD homicide detective turned private eye who's boiled his life down to the basics -- his job (he has an office on Ventura Boulevard within walking distance of his apartment on the east side of Laurel Canyon) and taking care of his twenty-one year-old daughter Holley who has Down's Syndrome.

Several years ago he helped Wendy Harper, a restaurant owner with a contract out on her, disappear, but he may have done too good a job. Now, Wendy's former business partner and sometime lover has been arrested for her murder. To clear him, Jack must essentially pull a Whitefield in reverse and undo everything he did, and find Wendy. But finding her proves to be only the start of his problems -- the contract's still out on Wendy, and a husband/wife team of freakishly tall assassins are also looking for her.

That's the basic premise in Silence, a well-received 2007 standalone that fans of his Whitefield series should quite enjoy.

Or at least it WAS a standalone, but it proved popular enough -- and Perry had so much fun writing it -- that Jack returned in 2013 in The Boyfriend.

Thomas Perry was born in Tonawanda, New York, attended Cornell University and received a Ph.D in English Literature from the University of Rochester. He's worked as a laborer, maintenance man,commercial fisherman, weapons mechanic, university administrator and teacher, and has written and produced for television shows such as Simon and Simon, 21 Jump Street and Star Trek: the Next Generation. The Butcher's Boy (1982) was Perry's first novel, and it promptly snatched up an Edgar for Best First novel, but it was the also first salvo in what's turned out to be a long and fruitful career, with 20 novels to his credit (so far), including Metzer's Dog (1983), a New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and Pursuit, a Gumshoe Award for Best Novel. He's best known for the bestselling Jane Whitefield series, about a Native American "guide" who specializes in helping people disappear. P.I. fans might also want to check out Nightlife (2006), featuring Portland private eye Joe Pitt and police detective Catherine Hobbes, and Death Benfits (2001), which pairs rookie insurance claims data analyst Johnny Walker with grizzled freelance investigator Max Spillman.

Perry now lives in southern California.


  • "... another intelligent, literate thriller."
    -- Publisher's Weekly

  • "Thomas Perry is, quite simply, brilliant. And as each book comes out he becomes more so. Silence is a case in point.  Don't miss it."
    -- Robert B. Parker)

  • "Silence is ingenious, a runaway train-paced thriller..."
    -- George Pelecanos


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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