Rock Thrust
Created by Michael Manley

There's a new private dick in town His name's ROCK THRUST, and in the scum-filled world of tough guy detectives, the word is that he's "harder than a three-dollar steak at Dirty Jack's Bar and Grill."

He's also got a monkey on his back. No, wait, that's no monkey! That's his best friend and loyal sidekick Hector.

Suffice it to say that Rock's a little, um, unstable. Seems he took a little too much shrapnel in the war, and it's left him prone to violent (and well-armed) mood swings, as he does the shuffle between dementia and schizophrenia.

The story goes that Rock was a hardassed top-kick in the Rangers during the war, and that during a firefight, suffering with near mortal wounds, he managed to carry his best buddy, Hector Vines, a Philippines jungle fighter, and himself to safety. Alas, they were captured and taken to a P.O.W. camp in the South Pacific, where they were subjected to various diabolical experiments by an evil witch doctor. Hector's brain was transferred into a monkey's body, and Rock was treated to assorted mental and psychological experiments that left him tougher than ever, but also left him with some major and apparently permanent brain damage.

Returning stateside was no picnic, either. Rock's wife was accidentally killed during an incident triggered by one of his bouts of schizophrenia. Hector, officially listed as MIA, also had a few domestic problems. Seems his wife left him, one night of hot monkey love evidently being all she could take.

So they started a detective agency together. With the help of their ever-faithful and long-suffering secretary Marcie, they work out of a dingy office on the poor side of town, where they've earned a rep for getting things done.

But suffice it to say that a large, trigger-happy, mentally-unstable gumshoe with an overly verbose monkey perched on his shoulder doesn't generally attract the best clients in the world.

Rock Thrust, Private Dick, an online comic, created and drawn by cartoonist Mike Manley, is set to begin appearing regularly over at the Action Planet website. Tell them all who sent ya.



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Chris Mills for the heads up!

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