Terry Lane
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Taking the Falls was a short-lived Canadian comedy/drama TV series about a mouthy, brash private detective, TERRY LANE, and Catherine McVicar, a rather straight-laced hot shot corporate lawyer working together in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Former Street Legal vamp Cynthia Dale brought a sort of spunky charm (she referred to it at the time as her "tough bitch routine") to the role of the ex-cop drummed from the force for use of "excessive" force, who's reduced to doing repo work. But really, this was just another tired retread of the Moonlighting/Odd Couple formula, with two mismatched partners. Of course, because the two leads were women, any romantic tensions were pretty well absent. Too bad. It might have distinguished this one from the herd.

Then again, the show's lacklustre writing, cardboard characters and so-so production values didn't help it much either. Amazing, really, considering all the potential for contrasting the raw natural beauty and awesome power of the the falls with perhaps the ugliest, tackiest city north of Las Vegas.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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