Tamara Knight
Created By Patrick Brown

TAMARA KNIGHT is the private eye heroine of an intriguing 12-page comic story well worth checking out. Creator/writer Patrick Brown's tight script and spare, clear artwork meld perfectly in this tale of a thoroughly-modern moon-faced young P.I. (she reminds me of Cyndi Lauper, for some reason), who discovers an apparently open-and-shut adultery case is not all it seems. It's not exactly blood-and-guts, but it is a smart little story. Brown even tosses traditionalists a bone by having Tamara wear a trenchcoat and fedora.

And Tamara adds a few nice touches, such as a wry observation about the results of taking her cheating spouse shots down to the local photo shop to be developed.

I don't know a thing about Patrick Brown (the call's gone out), but judging from his spelling, he's British or Canadian or something like that. I want to ask him if he has any other Tamara tales up his sleeves.

You can read "The Liason Affair" in its entirety by heading to Shareware Comics, where you can download the entire black and white story. It comes as two zip files (which can be opened on a Mac or a PC), containing the pages scanned as 300dpi TIFF files. Or you can read the story right online, in living colour.



Thanks to Chris Mills for the heads-up.

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