Peter Surf
Created by Raymond Embrack

"Sometimes I think with my dick. But I have a brilliant dick."

SURF. PETER SURF. His creator calls him "the coolest private eye ever." Certainly, both creator and creation seem jacked into a sort of man's man's man's world; a sort of Rat Pack meets Don Pendleton via Shell Scott retro-vibe. I mean, the dude's so cool he even has groupies!

According to author Ray Embrack, "Surf is an ex-CIA agent operating in the luscious suntanned pleasure pit known as Blonde City. Surf lives by the code of an avenging Shaolin sex machine. With his cinematic, stylized vision of private eye fiction, Embrack has a growing underground following among swingers who like theirs both shaken and stirred like it used to be but never was. So hang out in the den, go to the bar and throw back an Embrack boilermaker."

What this all means is that there's a lot of blood, a lot of sex, a lot of cheese. In one story, Surf cleans up a Northwestern town bought by an action movie star with delusions of grandeur, in another he goes after a serial killer specializing in (what else?) private eyes. The book's disclaimer reads "Contains adult language, graphic violence, explicit sex, extreme hardness, intense coolness. If you look soft, be prepared to show I.D." It's all either hilariously good fun, if you get the joke, or pathetically adolescent, if you don't. But be warned: Surf and his creator are relentless.

Embrack is the self-proclaimed "writer of live nude crime trash." His books include Peel, in which Surf first popped up. In it, he's hired to do recover a woman's stolen sex fantasy. That more or less sets the tone for the entire series.. In susequent books, the cool west coast private eye is hired to protect the sexy first female quarterback in pro football, to wipe out a psychotic outlaw biker gang and partners with a violent rap star. We ain't talking subtle here.

Sixteen of Embrack's short stories, including seven featuring Surf ("shots to the dome" is what Ray calls 'em) are collected in A Man Called Surf.

You've been warned.





Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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