Warren Stone
Created by David Harper (pseudonym of Edwin Corley, 1931-1981; other pseudonyms include Patrick Buchanan & William Judson)

WARREN STONE starred in The Hanged Men, a 1976 novel of suspense by David Harper. Stone likens himself to Travis McGee, but his specialty is salvaging towns, not boats.

When corruption is too powerful and entrenched, concerned citizens get together to hire him on the QT. Stone comes in and cleans things up from the shadows. A bought mayor ODs on guilt here, a crooked sheriff disappears there, etc. Born (on Dec. 7, 1941) and raised in rural Kentucky, drafted in 1962 and stationed in Germany with the Army CID, Stone graduated to working for a covert CIA zap squad, but the moral justification for his job kept getting fuzzier and fuzzier, until they wanted him to take-out Armstrong the veteran Washington reporter. Stone blew the whistler on the dirty-tricksters but has had to watch his back ever since.

There is another book by this author, The Patchwork Man, but I don't know if it concerns Warren Stone too.


Report respectfully submitted by David Nobriga.

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