Star Hawkins
Created by John Broome

STAR HAWKINS, the "greatest detective of the 21st century," first appeared as a back-up feature in Strange Adventures #114, DC's science fiction comic of the early sixties.

Set in the future, his adventures seem to take place anywhere between the years 2079 (his first apperance) and 2092 (his last to date). And Star really is a private eye, with an office in New City and everything. He's even got a robot-secretary, Ilda. He's got that "perpetually down on his luck" thing down pat, and has been known to pawn Ilda in exchange for a quick bit of cash.

Star and Ilda appeared in a total of 22 issues of Strange Adventures , and then faded from view in 1966, until they were brought back (in a back-up feature, of course) 16 years later. But it's a glorious wrap up -- by the end "Whatever Will Happen to Star Hawkins?" (DC Presents, May 1981 , #33) Star's ship has come in, and both he and Ilda have found true love, Star with the lovely Stella Sterling, and Ilda with Stella's robotic bodyguard, Automan. The story ends with Star and Stella running the Hawkins-Sterling Academy of Robot-Detection, a place where robots can learn how to be detectives (and where one of the classes is given by Ilda and Automan). A nice final touch is that the Corvan mercenaries who are the villians in the story are named after the creators who worked on the original stories in Strange Adventures: B10Room (John Broome), S12Ekow (Mike Sekowski), S12Achs (Bernard Sachs) and K7Ane (Gil Kane).

And that's it for Star and Ilda, until the appearance of Twilight, a 1990 3-issue mini-series, which had very twisted versions of most of DC Comics's "near future" heroes. For numerous reasons, this can only be seen as a non-DC-Universe-continuity story (an "Elseworlds", but I believe it actually pre-dates the genuine "Elseworlds" imprint).



Respectfully submitted by Chaim Mattis Keller, with some additional information by Kevin Burton Smith, and some nifty copy-editing by Rudyard Kennedy.

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