James Sprecken
Created by Brian Meredith

JAMES SPRECKEN may be in the right place, but he musta picked the wrong time.

Sprecken was a famous costumed crimefighter from the 1930's known as Mr. Midnight who finds himself goosed into the future when a case involving time travel goes awry. Stranded in 2025, since his return to his own time may jeopardize the delicate space/time continuum, he decides to settle in Seattle and becomes a private eye.

Yep, we're deep into that old time-travel-stranded fish-out-of-water crossover sci-fi/P.I. hubbabaloo (think Mike Danger, Miles Paladon, etc.).

It's a whole new world for Sprecken, and he finds the changes in society, culture, and technology a little hard to take. So , although he's no longer a superhero, and his secret identity has been public knowledge for about ninety years, he continues to wear his mask.

Sprecken appears regularly in Modern Pulp, an very ambitious new comics venture/web site shepherded by Brian Meredith that will include web comics, comic books and graphic novels. In fact, Sprecken is the star and the centre of the whole Modern Pulp universe, which is set in the semi-fictional Washington State twin cities of Seattle and Cosmopolis during the 2020's. Seattle has deteriorated, leaving it a rather dark and grimy, crime-ridden slimehole, while Cosmopolis is all bright and shiny and new.

It's a universe jammed with a slew of colourful and intriguing characters, including cloned hitmen, the mysterious Lucifer Fawkes -- a costumed superhero who routinely battles goblins and demons, the beautiful Dallas McCoy, a high-priced bodyguard, an armored hero called Constable IV (the original Constable was Sprecken's partner back in the day -- IV is his great-grandson),and even reaches back in time to Sprecken's nephew Peter, a 1950's private eye.

I've seen a lot of these kind of ventures crash and burn, but Brian seems to actually know what he's up to. And I've rarely seen such a well-thought out approach to creating a comic universe. Usually, continuity is chucked out the window in the world of comics, as things are whipped up on the fly. But Brian seems to be approaching this in a well-thought-out and professional matter. We wish him all the best.





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