Pass the Cheese Platter...

Mack Derringer & Lenny
Created by Michael Thomas Montgomery

In South Beach, a 1992 cinematic cheesefest, Fred Williamson and Gary Busey are ex-football players turned private investigators in -- you guessed it -- South Beach, Florida!

Williamson (whol also co-directed and produced) is MACK DERRINGER, prefers to walk softly but carry a big gun, while his buddy Lenny (Busey) is more of a hands-on guy. There's also some convoluted mystery going on, and Peter Fonda shows up for a while and Vanity's in it, but nobody's got much nice to say about it.

"crewcut6 from Allentown, PA" pretty much sums it all up on the IMDB page:

"Avoid this film if you're in the mood for an intelligent film. I don't know why I watched "South Beach". I was flipping through TV one night and I ran into this flick on TNT. I decided to watch it, and this show gave me a headache. What an idiot I am!"

Personally, I'm surprised. Usually Vanity only appeared in high-quality films.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith and film editor Chris Baldemor.

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