Created by Rafael Navarro

When the going gets weird, who ya gonna call? How about a masked Mexican wrestler turned Twilight Zone gumshoe?

Combining the quirky-mondo tradition of pulp magazine private eyes, and the Mexican legend of Santos, plus a slew of cheapo midnight horror movies and comic book superheroes, and a healthy dab of Will Eisner's The Spirit (not to mention a very generous helping of Charles Burn's similar El Borbah), the masked Mexican wrestler-turned-detective known as SONAMBULO goes down mean streets Chandler could never have drank enough tequilia to ever imagine. He's the hero of his own comic book, which is rapidly becoming a cult favourite.

Sonambulo specializes in weird crimes and his surreal, dream-like nocturnal turf lies somewhere between the land of nod and The Day of the Dead, and is populated by werewolves, ghosts, zombies and worse. He's blessed (or is it cursed?) with the ability to extract clues and the deepest secrets from peoples' dreams, and he never sleeps while he's working a case. Then again, would you? his cases are at turns bizarre, creepy, macabre and thrilling.

Sonambulo's creator, Rafael Navarro, was born in Mexico, and raised in California. He calls the city of Bell Gardens his home, a distinction he shares with the rock 'n roll legend, Eddie Cochran. At an early age he discovered his love for comics, including Popeye, The Phantom, Phantomas, Steve Canyon, Blondie, Captain America, The Fantastic Four and from Mexico, Kaliman. He studied graphic design at Woodbury University, and later attended Cerritos College to strengthen his portfolio for The Art Center of Design, and to study under Manuel De Leon, the noted anatomist. He broke into mainstream comics in 1990, and went on to video game animation and design in 1994. Since 1996, Rafael has self-published the Xeric Award winning comic Sonambulo, and is currently working as a storyboard artist in the field of television animation.




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