Anders Grip
Created by Tony Holland and Louise Boije af Gennäs

Snoken is Swedish slang for private dick -- a "snok" is someone who puts his nose where it don´t really belongs, from "snoka," meaning to sneak around. It's also the name of a Swedish television show about ANDERS GRIP, a somewhat rumpled private detective in Stockholm. He lives in a houseboat together with his dog "Tubbe" and charges 400 SEK/hour, plus expensives. He's a rather "low-boiled" detective and his cases mostly involve cheating husbands, blackmail and threats. He drives around in an old Volvo Duett from the 60s, that's not in much better shape than he is.

Anders also has to put up with a wide circle of family and friends, including his cop contact and friend Captain Nelson, his brother Carl-Erik Eriksson (also a cop) and his wife and kids, not to mention his mother and father.

The show ran on SVT Channel One from 1993 to 1997, and was also sold to Russia.

Unfortunately, Snoken was, well, pure crap. I'm not very fond of Swedish cop or crimeshows. But Snoken was, I guess, an effort to do something different. A Swedish type of Frank Marker or Eddie Shoestring. You know, a person living a simple life far from luxury and glamour.

In Sweden we are rather fortunate to experience crime shows from all around the world. Not only Italian, French, English, Australian, American (ofcourse), but also strange ones from places like Tjeckoslovakia, Poland and our neightbours Denmark and Norway. German shows seem to be quite popular, as well.

Most Swedish crime shows tend to follow the German formula -- very realistic and also sometimes very violent. Few countries seem to use as much red paint (blood) as we do, and that is why I don´t like them. I think people need an escape from the reality and not have it served as "entertainment". To its credit, Snoken was not violent, but tried to offer a "realistic" look at a private detective living on the edge of non-existence, struggling to get along and to pay the bills.



Respectfully submitted by Anders Ahlerup.

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