Shido, Night Walker
Written by ??

He's a detective. And he sucks.

Blood, that is. He's SHIDO, the 300 year-old vampire detective who specializes in cases involving the occult. In this evidently popular anime series from Japan, he searches for clues to his long-lost identity, while battling supernatural drug menaces and other scum, led by the evil and villainous Cain, the vampire who turned him into a bloodsucking midnight avenger centuries ago. But Shido uses his powers for good now, not evil, working tirelessly to save a modern Japan threatened by the forces of darkness, while trying to dodge the beautiful, impetuous policewoman hot on his tail.

I'm not even sure where to file this. Comics? Cartoons? Film? Television? Was it ever broadcast? All I really know is that 12 episodes of this Japanese anime are now available in DVD and VHS (and probably Blu-Ray by now), and that it was based on a popular video game.


  • "I don't know who wrote this, but I think they ripped it off of the TV show Forever Knight. It had a Homicide detective named Nicholas Knight (Night?) who hated being a vampire and used his powers to solve crime. It started out on CBS's "Crimetime After Primetime" series. It was syndicated after that. The Sci-Fi channel had it last. Were I the copyright owner of FK, I'd be upset that I was ripped off."
    --Kyle Marnell


    (2000, Japan)
    Dubbed in English
    12 25-minute episodes.
  • Night Walker: Midnight Detective
    This VHS cassette includes episodes 1-5.
  • Night Walker: Prescription for Death
    This VHS cassette includes episodes 5-8.
  • Night Walker: Eternal Darkness
    This VHS caseete includes episodes 9-12.
  • Night Walker: Midnight Detective (DVD)
    This DVD includes episodes 1-6 Offers dubbed and subtitled options.
  • Night Walker: Eternal Darkness (DVD)
    This DVD includes episodes 7-12. Offers dubbed and subtitled options.


  • Night Walker Net
    The official web site, full of animation, character profiles, downloads and ordering info.

espectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to John Apostolou for the great scan!

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