Scotti House
Created by Marijane Meaker "with" Vin Packer

Marijane Meaker, best known as young adult writer M.E. Kerr, revives the Vin Packer byline under which she emerged as one of the best crime novelists of the 1950s after over thirty years with Scott Free (2007), which introduces SCOTTI (formerly Scott) HOUSE, a pre-op male-to-female transsexual trying to carve out a new life for herself.

But it ain't easy. Scotti's ex-wife, mother and daughter are all having a hard time with it, and to tell the truth Scotti's not doing all that well either

Once upon a time, she'd earned a PhD from Princeton but as the book begins, she's been reduced to working a series of low-profile, part-time jobs while scrounging up enough dough to pay for surgery. such as book editing and librarian, as well as occasionally helping her ex-wife, an insurance investigator, sniff out fraudulent claims.

This eventually leads Scotti to the Hamptons and a messy case involving the kidnapping of Deanie, the daughter of terminally ill socialite Len Lasher and and his wife, Lara, as well as the disappearance of.a fabulous emerald ring that once belonged to the Duchess of Windsor.

By most accounts, it's a big mess of a book, far from Packer's best, with a twisty turny plot that doesn't all hang well together, But almost all the reviews also hail the transgender material as being handled with surprising empathy, grace and skill.

Ready to have your world rocked? Check this one out.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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