Mike Saxon
Created by Lester Virgil Roper (1931-1998)

MIKE SAXON is a private eye in L.V. Roper's standalone novel, Hookers Don't Go to Heaven (1976).

The cover of Hookers Don't Go to Heaven promised; "Mind-blowing sex, below-the-belt blackmail, savage murder. A hard-core thriller in the Raymond Chandler tradition." Another dead-on analogy, especially the mind-blowing sex part. Hard-core? Maybe they were thinking of Spillane?

Anyway, Mike operated the Saxon Detective Agency in Kansas City, although I'm not sure if it was Kansas or Missouri. The wife of an old Korean War buddy dies under suspicious circumstances and he wants Sax to look into it.

In his career, L.V. "Sam" Roper published eleven novels under the pen names of "Samantha Lester" and "L.V. Roper" (including two featuring New Orleans private eye Jerry "Renegade"Roe). Born in Girard, Kansas in 1931, he received a bachelor of arts in journalism from Pittsburg State University and attended graduate school at the University of Oklahoma, majoring in creative writing. Along the way, he worked as a welder, a barber and a Fuller Brush salesman and served in the U.S. Navy during the Korean War as an electrician. He taught writing at the Labette Community College, Parsons, and vocational education at the Southeast Kansas Vo-Tech in Columbus, and served in the Kansas House of Representatives for nine years, retiring in 1991.


Report respectfully submitted by David Nobriga. Additional information by Kevin Burton Smith.

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