Sam Kane
Created by Talmage Powell (pseuds. include Jack McCready & Anne Talmage) (1920-2000)

SAM KANE is a Miami private eye, a big six-footer whose scruples leave more than a little to be desired. He's got a dingy office that has a great view of a brick airshaft, and he doesn't give receipts. He's essentially a bottom feeder, a predator swimming the warm waters of the gulf, preying on the innocent and the gullible, who finally meets his match in "Barracuda," a nasty little short story originally published in 1948.

Talmage Powell was one of the latter day pulpsters, the author of over five hundred stories and sixteen novelsunder his own name, and a variety of pseudonyms, including Robert Hart Davis, Milton T. Lamb, Jack McCready, Dave Sands, Milton Land, Robert Henry and Anne Talmage. His work appeared in pulps such as Dime Detective, Dime Mystery, Detective Tales, Ten Detecive Aces, Doc Savage, The Shadow, G-Men Detective, Ranch Romances, Fifteen Western Tales, Hollywood Detective, Crack Detective, Black Mask and later, in the crime digests, such as Ellery Queen, Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Shayne, Manhunt and Suspense. He ghost-wrote four Ellery Queen novels in the 1960's and also worked as a staff writer for television's Alfred Hitchcock Presents. In the forties and fifties he was also a frequent contributor to such top-of-the-line Western pulps as Dime Western, 15 Western Tales, and Western Story. His one Western novel, The Gage, a powerfully offbeat account of a manhunt across a southwestern desert, was filmed in France. But his best creation was Florida private eye Ed Rivers, who appeared in five PBOs in the late fifties/early sixties. In early 2000, he passed away in a hospital in Asheville, NC, an Appalachian town where he had lived for some time.


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