Malcolm Sage
Created by Herbert Jenkins (1876-1923)

MALCOLM SAGE had been a hot shot intelligence agent for Britain's Division Z during the Great War, but when the fighting ceased, his thirst for action and adventure didn't. Fortunately, his old chief from division Z helped him set up the Malcolm Sage Detective Bureau, and much merry mayhem and more than a few ripping good yarns ensued.

This all sounds pretty much like Boy's Own-type adventures, but for his time, Sage was considered pretty high-tech, utilizing such nifty new-fangled gadgets as telephones, buzzers, and other such wonders of technology. Sage is serious, and even haughty, and has been known to chase away customers if he has too much business, or other matters on his mind. Fortunately he has a secretary (to make the tea, no doubt) and an office boy to put him in his place every now and then. The boy, a devout reader of detective fiction, in fact serves as a sort of welcome comic foil to the occasionally pompous master detective.

The Sage stories appeared in various British pulps of the time, and were also collected in several books. I'm not sure who Mr. Dene of toronto is, but the name pops up several times. So there might even be some Canadian connection here...





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