Sonja Makarova & Marina Golikova
Created by Tracy Harrison

Like, is this for real?

Billing itself as "An S&M Detective Agency Thriller," The Mystery of the Golden Spheres (2002) introduces SONJA MAKAROVA and MARINA GOLIKOVA.

According to their author, Sonja and Marina are

"... two tempestuous private investigators... Sonja is intelligent, gorgeous (more accurately-voluptuous ), physically tough, street-smart (a former cop ), somewhat lascivious, slightly sadistic, and compulsively competitive with men. Marina is sweet, considerate, naive (an only child), intelligent, vivacious, and beautiful. Sonja and Marina constitute the S&M Detective Agency... Along with their neighbor and dear friend, the Professor, this dynamic duo spares the world from a colossal and diabolical terrorist plot. (Note that while S&M initially stood for Sonja and Marina when it was founded in the mid-21st century -- circa 2045, the Professor maintains that the street-vernacular translation of S&M is entirely appropriate for the Agency, considering Sonja's temperament.)"

Yeah, that's what I thought. But it gets even better:

"In this futuristic mystery novel, the Las Vegas detective agency spares the world from a colossal and diabolical terrorist-plot. The situations in which Marina and Sonja become involved, the kinky antics and outrageous solutions they contrive, make Dirty Harry's exploits look like a Mother- Teresa, tea party.

The Mystery of the Golden Spheres is a futuristic, pulse-pounding, mystery thriller, occurring in the year 2047. The novel has mystery , history ( of the future ), accurate science (the author is a scientist), pathos, violence, sex, and even a touch of social consciousness. While the novel was completed prior to September 11,2001, the plot and the prophecy of the novel are appallingly cogent to that event."

I love that part about author Tracy Harrison being a real scientist. And how can you not love a book that is "appallingly cogent"?

With publicists like this, you don't need enemies.

I haven't read this one yet (and GAWD! Why would I?), but just glancing through it, it already looks like an instant alternative classic and a perfect addition to Gun In Cheek III. Someone get Mr. Pronzini on the phone...


  • "Chuck could not tear his eyes away from Marina's holster -- and environs.
    One more thing Marina was considering was that Chuck's lap was growing rather lumpy..."
    -- Hey, they're not MY italics. The books crawling with them!



  • Medusa Books
    You can order a review copy of the book here or read a few choice excerpts, just to "sample its excitement.... The chapters offered there will give you the flavor of the story without divulging or compromising the plot. Sure wouldn't want to ruin your fun!"

  • Viva Las Vegas!
    Feeling lucky? A list of Las Vegas eyes.

Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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