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Marcus Rydell
Created by Robert W. Walker

When we first meet him, in 2009's Dead On, Former Atlanta cop MARCUS RYDELL is sitting in his apartment with a gun, mulling over his life, which is circling the drain. After leaving the police force in disgrace four long years ago (he survived a bloody massacre by fainting); his wife left him, and took their two kids. Since then, he's tried to make it as a private investigator, but that dream's pretty much withered and died as well.

And then he meets Dr. Kat Holley, an intern at Atlanta Memorial and a neighbour in his building..They meet "cute" -- there's a shooting in another apartment in the building, but it turns out they have something in common -- she's the widow of one of the officers killed four years ago.

Inintially hostlie (okay, she aims a gun at him after agreeing to meet for drinks), she shows letters she's received from the still-at-large killer behind the massacre, a Rambo-like psycho with more than the usual number of nuts loose, who is now threatening any one attached to the massacre -- and their surviving families.

Coincidence-ridden, more than a little far-fetched at times and slow to come to a boil, the dick and the doc do however make for an engaging team, suggesting that further cases together by the mismatched duo might be worthy of investigation.

Robert W. Walker lives in Charleston, West Virginia with his wife and family, where he writes horror, suspense and historical fiction as well as mysteries, and shares his "hard-won lessons on writing" via his online Write to Sell class. 


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks, Chris.

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