Rusty Forbes
Created by Milton K. Ozaki (1913-1989)

"The car was hot and so was the blonde who drove it. A smart shamus like Rusty Forbes should have known better than to hole up with her in a tourist cabin. By the time that the little picnic was over, he found himself custodian of a corpse-and on the trail of enough loot to stock a department store."

RUSTY FORBES was yet another of Milton Ozaki's hard-boiled (some might say over-boiled, given the cheese quotient) Chicago eyes, up to his neck in half-naked babes, booze and blood. Others include Max Keene, Carl Good and Carl Guard, the latter two bearing a particularly striking resemblance to each other.

Milton Ozaki was a Chicago newspaperman, artist, tax attorney and beauty salon operator who turned to writing crime fiction after World War II, and gave us a couple of dozen hard-boiled romps, all but two of them paperback originals, many of them for the infamous Graphic line, and all of them full of enough sex, violence and ham-fisted, jaw-dropping prose to fulfill all your daily cheese requirements.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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