Baylor Rumble
Created by George Snyder

What the world needs now is another houseboat living-eye...

It's hard to talk about George Snyder's new houseboat-living marina rat/private eye BAYLOR RUMBLE without conjuring up the ghost of John D. MacDonald's Travis McGee. In fact, George admits "Travis McGee has always been one of my heroes," but then adds "I think Bay is a little rougher around the edges, and maybe not as smart."

Certainly, Baylor and ol' Trav seem to share a preference for living on boats, and a one day at a time, take it as it comes retirement plan. But Baylor seems a little more easy-going. All he really wants to do is sail around the world in his 30' self-designed, self-built catamaran, Baye Rumb (OUCH!), which he lives on in a marina in Long Beach, California. Alas, he keeps bumping into murder, mayhem and marauding women along the way.

In Bad Girl Dead (2002), for example, the first of the then-proposed series (conveniently -- and at the time optimistically -- labelled "Baylor Rumble Thriller #1"), Bay is busy doing some work on a customer's boat when he witnesses the murder of a young girl. He's soon hired by a mobster's widow to find a diary allegedly belonging to dead girl. As the blurb goes "There are sea chases, dirty cops, good cops, gay mob hit-men from Detroit, a cute bubbly country music cocktail waitress, a long-legged Nordic beauty who may or may not be a killer, her killer husband, an ex-stud, ex-con gone to seed - and they all want a piece of Bay. Does he let them get away with their shenanigans? Ho-Ho, you don't know our Bay."

Author Snyder is an accomplished writer with over twenty books to his name, under such pen names as Nick Carter (yes, THAT Nick Carter), Patrick Morgan, and Ray Stanley, as well as the Baylor Rumble series and the standalone thrillers Satin Shorts (2011) and Crossfire Diamonds (2012) under his own name. And more recently he's launched two more private eye series, one featuring Logan Sand and the other featuring -- get this -- Mac Tuff. When he's not writing he's sailing (he's gone on solo voyages from Seattle to Alaska) or motorcycling or scuba diving (he possesses an Advanced Open Ocean certificate).


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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