Esa Ruispelto
Created by Pauli Kallio and Jouni Mattila

Now the genre's really going to the dogs. ESA RUISPELTO is a canine private eye, in the long and glorious tradition of animal detectives such as Sokal's Canardo.

Esa's only appearance so far has been in the small leaflet-like graphic short story "Kovaksikeitetyn munan arvoitus" (The Case of the Hardboiled Egg) by Pauli Kallio and Jouni Mattila. Kallio wrote the story, Mattila drew. The comic is, like its title announces, a parody of the genre and there are some hilarious moments, but that's just about it.

By the way, the hero's name roughly translates as Jesaja Cornfield.


Report dutifully submitted by Juri Nummelin.

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