Ruby Tuesday
Created by Tom Lopez

"Hi, I'm Ruby. I'm a galactic gumshoe, but a good one."

Since the early eighties, listeners around the world have been grooving to the funky adventures of RUBY: THE ADVENURES OF A GALACTIC GUMSHOE. It's a wild goofy dose of fast-paced, high-flying sci-fi and detective radio drama, originally produced by ZBS and aired mostly on American public radio in drive-time slots; daily three minute blasts of gonzo irreverency meant to grab you like like a pop single: hot, hip and catchy as all hell, with a good beat you could dance to, and then gone... but leaving you humming the melody, so to speak. Amazingly, despite the fact the shows were never more than 180 seconds long, a single continuity could last for months.

RUBY TUESDAY (her original name, though in some pilots she was also known as Ruby Starr) is a tough, sexy and sassy female P.I., not above using her considerable charms to get what she wants, and not above a little blasting, either. She calls the planet Summa Nulla (crossroads of the galaxy, high point of nothing) home, but her adventures take her all over the galaxy. And a pretty whacked-out galaxy it is, full of bizarro charcters like the singing robot siblings The Android Sisters (both named Angel), the archaeologist TJ Teru, the rather large and erudite clam Mr. Mollusk, Chief Molierre of the Mole People, the weaselly Rodant Kapoor, the genetically-designed femme fatale Angel Lips , the hired killers known as the Slimeys and the tookah, a green, four-tentacled creature with three eyes, a pencil-thin blue mustache and, for some reason, a red fez. And who can ever forget places like the planet Dong-A-Long, entirely populated by green creatures who are all named Fong, or Magnifico, the City of Malls?

Imagine Star Trek performed as a detective drama by the Marx Brothers...

The show has proved to be astonishingly durable, and has been broadcast ain 23 foreign countries over the years, including the CBC in Canada, the BBC in England and and the ABC in Australia. In 1982, it received The Mark Time Award for Best Science Fiction of the Year. Fortunately, for those of us out of broadcast range, the shows have now been collected and are available on CD and cassette from the ZBS.




Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith. Thanks to Polyester Man for the nudge.

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