Jake Rubidoux
Created by Lee Hutson

William Devane starred as tough guy JAKE RUBIDOUX in ther 1982 TV pilot The Big Easy (not to be confused with the 1986 Dennis Quaid/Ellen Barkin flick).

Jake was a clarinet-playing gumshoe who hung out at "The Big Easy," a joint in the French Quarter run by a friend of his. In the pilot, Jake gets roped by a wealthy Texan into looking for his missing daughter -- unaware he's actually fingering the girl for an assassin.

He hits plenty of New Orleans landmarks in his endeavours; his legwork apparently not discouraged by what one person who's actually seen it remembers as "a rather syrupy Creole score."

But by most accounts, it was decent enough, even garnering an Emmy nod (to writer Lee Hutson for Best Television Feature or Miniseries). Alas, it didn't win. And the pilot failed to get picked up.


    (1982, ABC)
    60 minutes
    Teleplay by Lee Hutson
    Directed by Jud Taylor
    Produced by Joseph Stern
    Executive Producer: Dan Curtis
    Music by J J Johnson
    With performances by The Camellia Jazz Band Music Performer
    Starring William Devane as JAKE RUBIDOUX
    with Lane Smith as Lieutenant Frank Medley
    Also starring Nicholas Pryor, Matt Clark, Stocker Fontelieu


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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