Jake Rossiter
Created by Curt Colbert

JAKE ROSSITER is a street-savvy P.I. trying to keep his head above the tide of corruption that is 1940's Seattle. It's a world of "pool-sharks, bookies, jazz musicians, drunken coroners, shady cops and street-smart PIs" all scrambling for a chance to survive, and all the rain in the world won't wash it clean.

But have no fear. With his gum-snapping faithful companion by his side, the lovely Miss Jenkins, and a full tank of gas in the Buick Roadmaster, Jake's out to take on anything the mean streets can dish out and set the world right.

The first book in the series, Rat City (2001), drew some really positive press, and won acclaim for it's good-old-fashioned private eye action, its rat-ta-tat dialogue and its colourful depiction of a rough and tumble blue collar town miles away from the shiny happy, java-sucking Microsoft town of today.

And the sequel, Sayonaraville, which sees Miss Jenkins promoted to junior partner (and billed as "A Jake Rossiter and Miss Jenkins mystery), promises more of the same. A series to watch.

Jake and Miss Jenkins' creator, Curt Colbert, is a Seattle history buff and Vietnam vet who lives with his wife and two bob-tailed cats. According to his press bio, "He enjoys boxing and good cigar, and is a poet who reads regularly... (and) is currently working on the third book in the series, Queer Street.


Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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