Rosco Polycrates
Created by Nero Blanc

Guess what? I've found a PI that's missing from your site, although I must hang my head in shame somewhat because I've actually had the first book for almost a year and never realized it was a PI book. The books each have half a dozen crossword puzzles scattered throughout them, and the covers of both say, "Solve the puzzles...solve the crime!"

Fortunately, if you can't crack the various puzzles, private eye ROSCO POLYCRATES is along to help out. He's a third generation Greek-American who's been in the private investigation business for a little over six years, a profession that allows him to indulge in a string of minor eccentricities. Before that, he'd spent eight years as a detective with the Newcastle, Massachusetts police department. Cited five times for bravery, and once more for simply being a good cop, he'd finally decided he was too much of a free spirit for the bureaucracy of law enforcement. He didn't like the paperwork, or jouncing around in the department's unmarked cars; he preferred his rusting Jeep. He hated carrying a gun, and he refused to wear socks. He was now thirty-eight; the business was doing reasonably well; he was trim and healthy, and by most accounts a pretty good-looking guy--albeit a trifle unkempt.

In both books in the series, it's crossword puzzles that provide the important clues. Just like in real life, huh? It's a good thing, then, that Rosco can count on his sweetie, the beautiful and brainy local crossword editor Anabelle Graham, to lend a pencil. As you may have gathered, this series ain't exactly hardboiled, landing squarely on the cute side of things, though you may get a real kick out of it if you enjoy puzzles.

And just to really make your day, Kevin, the publisher is Berkeley. Aren't you gratified to know they dropped authors like Gary Phillips and John Shannon to publish books like these?

Nero Blanc is the pseudonym of the husband and wife team of Cordelia Frances Biddle and Steve
Zettler, super-serious crossword buffs.





My special thanks for this one go out to Jan Long who knows five across from ten down when she sees it.

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